• Альберт Эхилоо

    Hello everyone! My name is Albert and I am 26 years old and at the age of 15 I started using drugs. First it was only once a month, but as time went by I started using more often. Five years later I burned my nose while sniffing powder, so after that I started injecting.

    Albert Ehiloo

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  • Matvei Murin

    Hey, my name is Matvei. I was born and raised in a happy family. From an early age I was active in sports and achieved pretty good results and my close ones were proud of me.

    Matvei Murin

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  • Sergei Tovashov

    My name is Sergei, my given name for 20 years. That is until 1990, when I started injecting myself, at first ephedrine and then opium, that I continued until drugs got full control over me, my body and my mind.

    Sergei Tovashov

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  • Margus Lipp

    I am Estonian and I know a lot of people from my nationality who are struggling with the same problems as I did, mostly consuming cannabis, amphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine. This problem isn’t only among Russians living in Estonia as previously thought, but also lot of Estonians have this problem as well.

    Margus Lipp

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  • Natalia Skripnikova

    My name is Natalja. I am from a social family and by the time I turned 14 I was already taking drugs. No one took care of me at home and I spent most of my time with people, who were smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

    Natalia Skripnikova

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  • Albert Ehiloo
  • Matvei Murin
  • Sergei Tovashov
  • Margus Lipp
  • Natalia Skripnikova

Our rehabilitation centers

To the parents of addicts

It is very important that the parents of addicts would be part of their children's recovery. After completing the rehabilitation course, the support of close people is very important. They need to understand the problem the same way. We are establishing a special support group for the parents of addicts. In support group meetings we will give practical advice how to help your children. If your son or daughter is an addict and you need advice, please call us.

PHONE: +372 58409243 - Natalia

Narcomania in Estonia

In their report EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) writes, that Estonia has a great proportion of self-injecting addicts and 40% of them are young people. In their annual report , there are 1-5 self-injecting addicts to every 1000 people in European Union countries. In Estonia, this number is especially high: even 15 self-injecting drug addicts to 1000 people in age of 15-64.

Among young people (up to age 25) the percentage in self-injecting drug addicts is 40%. Only In Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic and Austria have that high of a percentage.
In their annual report they said that 2007 was the year with the highest number of people with AIDS among the self-injecting addicts. Amoung EU countries Estonia, Latvia and Portugal are high in new HIV-positive growing numbers.

These statistics and numbers are very high and the sad truth is, that the recovery of addictions is not successful in most cases. Is there a way out? Is it possible to overcome the addictions of narcotics and alcohol?

In last few years our Center has proved it's effectivness. You can be convinced of it as you read the testimonies of the people who were able to change their destiny.

Merry Christmas!

Feast of the Nativity of our Savior Jesus Christ again brought much joy to our rehabilitation center!

For many rehabilitants this holiday revived the almost forgotten feeling of joy. For many years, the Christmas holiday was just another reason for them to eat and drink. But this year there was something new in the air! For many people, the Christmas celebration is meaningless, but we believe that the most important thing that has happened in the last two thousant years was the birth of Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas!!!


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